Submissions from 2006


Wheir’s the Beef?: Buffalo Law and Taxation, Erik M. Jensen

Client Autonomy and Choice of Counsel, Peter A. Joy and Kevin C. McMunigal

Corporate Privilege Waivers in Plea Negotiations, Peter A. Joy and Kevin C. McMunigal

Destroying Documents, Peter A. Joy and Kevin C. McMunigal

Lawyer Ethics and the Expanding Role of the Media in Criminal Cases, Peter A. Joy and Kevin C. McMunigal

To Tape or not to Tape: Secret Recordings, Peter A. Joy and Kevin C. McMunigal


Illegal Contacts and Efficient Deterrence: A Study in Modern Contract Theory, Juliet P. Kostritsky


Judicial Incorporation of Trade Usages: A Functional Solution to the Opportunism Problem, Juliet P. Kostritsky


Taxonomy for Justifying Legal Intervention In An Imperfect World: What To Do When Parties Have Not Achieved Bargains Or Have Drafted Incomplete Contracts, Juliet P. Kostritsky


Copyright Lochnerism, Raymond Shih Ray Ku

Cyberspace Law: Cases & Materials (2nd ed.), Raymond Shih Ray Ku and Jacqueline D. Lipton

Protecting Communities in Biomedical Research, Patricia A. Marshall and Jessica Wilen Berg


Using Graphics to Teach Evidence, Kevin C. McMunigal

Dishonest Medical Mistakes, Maxwell J. Mehlman

Promoting Fairness in the Medical Malpractice System, Maxwell J. Mehlman

The Shame of Medical Malpractice, Maxwell J. Mehlman

Doping in Sports and the Use of State Power, Maxwell J. Mehlman, Elizabeth Banger, and Matthew M. Wright


The Magnificence of the Disaster: Reconstructing the Sony BMG Rootkit Incident, Deirdre Mulligan and Aaron K. Perzanowski


Rules, Standards, and the Internal Point of View, Dale A. Nance

The Wisdom of Dallas County, Dale A. Nance

The Law of Intellectual Property, Craig Allen Nard, David W. Barnes, and Michael J. Madison


Constitutionalizing Patents: From Venice to Philadelphia, Craig Allen Nard and Andrew P. Morriss


Relative Access to Corrective Speech: A New Test for Requiring Actual Malice, Aaron K. Perzanowski


The Penumbral Public Domain: Constitutional Limits on Quasi-Copyright Legislation, Aaron K. Perzanowski


Appellate Review of Discovery Orders in Federal Court: A Suggested Approach for Handling Privilege Claims, Cassandra Burke Robertson


From the eXile Files: An Essay on Trading Justice for Peace, Michael P. Scharf

Self-Representation versus Assignment of Defense Counsel before International Criminal Tribunals, Michael P. Scharf

The Legacy of the Milosevic Trial, Michael P. Scharf


The Elephant in the Room: Torture and the War on Terror, Michael P. Scharf and Rory T. Hood

Saddam on Trial: Understanding and Debating the Iraqi High Tribunal, Michael P. Scharf and Gregory S. McNeal

Acts of God : The Unnatural History of Natural Disaster in America (2nd ed.), Theodore Steinberg

American Green : The Obsessive Quest for the Perfect Lawn, Theodore Steinberg


Introduction: “Atrocious Judges” and “Odious” Courts Revisited, Robert N. Strassfeld


The Control of Avoidance: The United States Alternative, John Tiley and Erik M. Jensen


NOTE: Legal Excisions: The Rights of Foreigners in Japan, Timothy Webster


Note, Sisyphus in a Coal Mine: Responses to Slave Labor in Japan and the United States, Timothy Webster


A Right to No Meaningful Review Under the Due Process Clause: The Aftermath of Judicial Deference to the Federal Administrative Agencies, Ruqaiijah Yearby

Submissions from 2005

A Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy: It’s Neither Vast nor a Conspiracy, Jonathan H. Adler


Back to the Future of Conservation: Changing Perceptions of Property Rights & Environmental Protection, Jonathan H. Adler


Is Morrison Dead? Assessing a Supreme Drug (Law) Overdose, Jonathan H. Adler


Judicial Federalism and the Future of Federal Environmental Regulation, Jonathan H. Adler


Jurisdictional Mismatch in Environmental Federalism, Jonathan H. Adler


Looking Ahead to the 2005-06 Term (2005), Jonathan H. Adler

Adam Smith on the Inevitability of Price Fixing, Arthur D. Austin

Children and Placebos, Jessica Wilen Berg


Owning Persons: The Application of Property Theory to Embryos and Fetuses, Jessica Wilen Berg

Criminal Law: A Contemporary Approach: Cases, Statutes, and Problems, Kate E. Botkin and Kevin C. McMunigal


Comment: The Case for Real Shareholder Democracy, George W. Dent


Corporate Governance: Still Broke, No Fix in Sight, George W. Dent


Race, Trust, Altruism, and Reciprocity, George W. Dent


The George A. Leet Business Law Symposium: Corporate Governance: Directors vs. Shareholders? - Introduction, George W. Dent

The Supreme Court and the Federalist Papers: Is There Less Here Than Meets the Eye?, Melvyn R. Durchslag


Being the Government Means (Almost) Never Having to Say You’re Sorry: The Sam Sheppard Case and the Meaning of Wrongful Imprisonment, Jonathan L. Entin

The Code of the Warrior, Shannon E. French

Tax Aspects of Marital Dissolution, Leon Gabinet and Harold G. Wren

Distributive Values and Institutional Design for the Global Commons, Peter M. Gerhart

Power and Preferences: Developing Countries and the Role of the WTO Appellate Body, Peter M. Gerhart and Archana Seema Kella

Daubert Revisited, Paul C. Giannelli

Fingerprints: Misidentifications, Paul C. Giannelli

Forensic Science, Paul C. Giannelli

Mitochondrial DNA, Paul C. Giannelli

Modus Operandi Experts, Paul C. Giannelli

The Consequences of Social Movement Actions and Preconditions: Opinions of Immigrant Assimilation among Local Polity Members in France, Brian K. Gran and Jeremy Hein

Sentencing Consistency: The Linchpin of Ohio’s Sentencing Reform, Burt W. Griffin and Lewis R. Katz


Putting Religious Symbolism in Context: A Linguistic Critique of the Endorsement Test, B. Jessie Hill

The Suitability of IRB Liability, Sharona Hoffman and Jessica Wilen Berg

Courtroom Criminal Evidence, Edward J. Imwinkelried, Paul C. Giannelli, Francis A. Giligan, and Fredric I. Lederer

Amendment XVI—Sixteenth Amendment, Erik M. Jensen

Article I, Section 2, Clause 3—Three-fifths Clause, Erik M. Jensen

Article I, Section 9, Clause 4—Direct Taxes, Erik M. Jensen

The Taxing Power: A Reference Guide to the U.S. Constitution, Erik M. Jensen

Are a Prosecutor's Responsibilities Special", Peter A. Joy and Kevin C. McMunigal

Should Prosecutors Use Inconsistent Arguments?, Peter A. Joy and Kevin C. McMunigal

Why Should Prosecutors Seek Justice"?, Peter A. Joy and Kevin C. McMunigal


Symposium - Incomplete Contracts: Judicial Responses, Transactional Planning, and Litigation Strategies - Introduction, Juliet P. Kostritsky

Grokking Grokster, Raymond Shih Ray Ku

Necessary pleadings, Robert P. Lawry

McElhaney's Trial Notebook, James W. McElhaney

The Law of Bleeding Kansas: A Selected Bibliography of Legal Documents from Pre-Statehood Kansas, 1803 – 1861, Robert Mead, Mon Yin Lung, and Joseph A. Custer


Genetic Enhancement: Plan Now to Act Later, Maxwell J. Mehlman

Hospital Liability for Physician Malpractice, Maxwell J. Mehlman

Malpractice Reforms: Are They Fair?, Maxwell J. Mehlman

Quackery, Maxwell J. Mehlman

Patent Policy Adrift in a Sea of Anecdote: A Reply to Lichtman, Michael J. Meurer and Craig Allen Nard

Two Concepts of Reliability, Dale A. Nance

Juror Understanding of DNA Evidence: An Empirical Assessment of Presentation Formats for Trace Evidence with a Relatively Small and Quantifiable Random Match Probability, Dale A. Nance and Scott B. Morris


Invention, Refinement and Patent Claim Scope: A New Perspective on the Doctrine of Equivalents, Craig Allen Nard


Prometheus Radio Project v. FCC: The Persistence of Scarcity, Aaron K. Perzanowski

Understanding Labor Law, Douglas E. Ray, Calvin Sharpe, and Robert N. Strassfeld


The Descendants of Fassihi: A Comparative Analysis of Recent Cases Addressing the Fiduciary Claims of Disgruntled Constituents Against Attorneys Representing Closely-Held Entities, Matthew Rossman

Amnesty, Michael P. Scharf

Forced Marriage: Exploring the Viability of the Special Court for Sierra Leone's New Crime Against Humanity, Michael P. Scharf

The Perils of Permitting Self-Representation in International War Crimes Trials, Michael P. Scharf

War Crimes and Tribunals, Michael P. Scharf


Will Saddam Hussein Get a Fair Trial?, Michael P. Scharf


Errors and Missteps: Key Lessons the Iraqi Special Tribunal Can learn from the ICTY, ICTR, and SCSL, Michael P. Scharf and Ahran Kang


Do Former Leaders Have an International Right to Act as Their Own Lawyer in War Crimes Trials?, Michael P. Scharf and Christopher Rassi

Seniority, Calvin W. Sharpe

The Story of Emporium Capwell: Civil Rights, Collective Action, and the Constraints of Union Power, Calvin W. Sharpe, Marion G. Crain, and Reuel E. Schiller

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Archives, Theodore Steinberg