Submissions from 2009

Sergeant Davis’s Stern Charge: The Obligation of Officers to Preserve the Humanity of Their Troops, Shannon E. French

ABA Standards on DNA Evidence, Paul C. Giannelli

Daubert Factors, Paul C. Giannelli

DNA Profiling, Paul C. Giannelli

Ohio Trial Objections, Paul C. Giannelli

Right of Confrontation: Lab Reports, Paul C. Giannelli


Scientific Evidence and Prosecutorial Misconduct in the Duke Lacrosse Rape Case, Paul C. Giannelli


The NRC Report and Its Implications For Criminal Litigation, Paul C. Giannelli

Understanding Evidence, Paul C. Giannelli

What Anti-Money Laundering Policy Can Learn from Tax Administration, Richard K. Gordon


Foreword: Combating Terrorist Financing, Richard K. Gordon and Christyn Rossman


A Radically Immodest Judicial Modesty: The End of Facial Challenges to Abortion Regulations and the Future of the Health Exception in the Roberts Era, B. Jessie Hill


Reproductive Rights as Health Care Rights, B. Jessie Hill


Preparing for Disaster: Protecting the Most Vulnerable in Emergencies, Sharona Hoffman

Law, Liability, and Public Health Emergencies, Sharona Hoffman, Richard Goodman, and Daniel Stien


E-Health Hazards: Provider Liability and Electronic Health Record Systems, Sharona Hoffman and Andy Podgurski

Electronic Health Information Security and Privacy, Sharona Hoffman and Andy Podgurski


Finding a Cure: The Case for Regulation and Oversight of Electronic Health Record Systems, Sharona Hoffman and Andy Podgurski

Copyright in Transition, Peter Jaszi and Martha Woodmansee

Letter to the Editor, The Commerce Clause Can’t Trump Constitutional Limits on Taxation, Erik M. Jensen


The Intellectual History of The Shortest Article in Law Review History, Erik M. Jensen


Under the Robes: A Judicial Right to Bare Arms (and Legs and . . .), Erik M. Jensen


Would a Tax on AIG Bonus Recipients Really Be a Tax?, Erik M. Jensen

Amend Rule 11 to Require Disclosure, Peter A. Joy and Kevin C. McMunigal

Are We Blind to Innocence?, Peter A. Joy and Kevin C. McMunigal

Incriminating Evidence -- Too Hot to Handle?, Peter A. Joy and Kevin C. McMunigal


Safford Unified School District No. 1 v. Redding, and the Future of School Strip Searches, Lewis R. Katz

Questions & Answers: Criminal Procedure I & II, Lewis R. Katz and Neil Cohen

The Financial Crisis and the Business Judgment Rule, Charles R. Korsmo

Does Copyright Law Promote Creativity? An Empirical Analysis of Copyright's Bounty, Raymond Shih Ray Ku, Jiayany Sun, and Yiying Fan

A New Era of Biomedical Enhancements, Maxwell J. Mehlman

Genetic Enhancement in Sport: Ethical, Legal, and Policy Concerns, Maxwell J. Mehlman


Introduction to Proceedings from a Conference on Newborn Screening for Nontreatable Disorders, Maxwell J. Mehlman

Symposium on Health Care Technology: Regulation and Reimbursement, Maxwell J. Mehlman

The Price of Perfection: Individualism and Society in the Era of Biomedical Enhancement, Maxwell J. Mehlman


Will Directed Evolution Destroy Humanity, and If So, What Can We Do About It?, Maxwell J. Mehlman

Evidentiary Foul Play: The Roles of Judge and Jury in Responding to Evidence Tampering, Dale A. Nance


Rethinking Anticircumvention's Interoperability Policy, Aaron K. Perzanowski

The Independent Lawyer : Image v. Substance, Andrew S. Pollis


Beyond the Torture Memos: Perceptual Filters, Cultural Commitments, and Partisan Identity, Cassandra Burke Robertson


Judgment, Identity, and Independence, Cassandra Burke Robertson

Criminal Jurisdicition 100 Years Ater the 1907 Hauge Peace Conference: 2007 Hauge Joint Conference on Contemprary Issues of International Law, Michael P. Scharf


International Law and the Torture Memos, Michael P. Scharf


International Law in Crisis: A Qualitative Empirical Contribution to the Compliance Debate, Michael P. Scharf

Introductory Note to the International Criminal Court’s Arrest Warrant for Omar Al Bashir, Michael P. Scharf


No Way Out? The Question of Unilateral Withdrawals of Referrals to the ICC and other Human Rights Courts, Michael P. Scharf and Patrick Dowd


Forward: Security Detention, Michael P. Scharf and Gwen Gillespie


Forward: After Guantanamo, Michael P. Scharf and Sonia Vohra

International Financial Centre, J.C. Sharmon and Richard K. Gordon

Issues in Controlling the Arbitration Hearing, Calvin W. Sharpe

ssus in Controlling the Arbitration Hearing, Calvin W. Sharpe

Down to Earth: Nature’s Role in American History (2nd ed.), Theodore Steinberg

Submissions from 2008

An Animal to Save the World, Jonathan H. Adler


Anti-Conservation Incentives, Jonathan H. Adler

Environment, Jonathan H. Adler


Getting the Roberts Court Right: A Response to Chemerinsky, Jonathan H. Adler


God, Gaia, the Taxpayer and the Lorax: Standing, Justiciability, and Separation of Powers after Massachusetts and Hein, Jonathan H. Adler


Hothouse Flowers: The Vices and Virtues of Climate Federalism, Jonathan H. Adler


Money or Nothing: The Adverse Environmental Consequences of Uncompensated Law Use Controls, Jonathan H. Adler


Reforming Our Wasteful Hazardous Waste Policy, Jonathan H. Adler


Warming Up to Water Markets, Jonathan H. Adler


Water Marketing as an Adaptive Response to the Threat of Climate Change, Jonathan H. Adler


Common Law Environmental Protection: Introduction, Jonathan H. Adler and Andrew P. Morriss

Public and Private Social Policy: Health and Pension Policies in a New Era, Daniel Beland and Brian K. Gran

An Introduction: The Politics of International Law, Andrea K. Bjorklund, Marinn Carlson, and Michael P. Scharf

Intellectual Property (IP) Management: Organizational Processes and Structures, and the Role of IP Donations, Bo Carlsson, Monica Dumitriu, Jeffery T. Glass, Craig Allen Nard, and Richard Barrett


Emerging Issues in North American Trade - Labor Law, Chi Carmody, Kevin Banks, and Robert Strassfeld


A Brief History of Brazilian Biofuels Legislation, Juscelino F. Colares

A Comparison of U.S. Judicial and NAFTA Panel Review of Trade Remedy Cases, Juscelino F. Colares


Alternative Methods of Appellate Review in Trade Remedy Cases: Examining Results of U.S. Judicial and NAFTA Binational Review of U.S. Agency Decisions from 1989 to 2005, Juscelino F. Colares


An Empirical Examination of product and Litigant-Specific Theories for the Divergence between NAFTA Chapter 19 and U.S. Judicial Review, Juscelino F. Colares

Kansas Legal Research, Joseph A. Custer and Christopher Steadham


Academics In Wonderland: The Team Production and Director Primacy Models of Corporate Governance, George W. Dent

Racial Preferences: Doubt in the Priesthood, George W. Dent


Stakeholder Governance: A Bad Idea Getting Worse, George W. Dent

Brown v. Mississippi, 297 U.S. 278 (1936), Jonathan L. Entin

Commerce Clause, Jonathan L. Entin

Concurring Opinions, Jonathan L. Entin

Environmental and Natural Resource Regulation, Jonathan L. Entin

Kelo v. City of New London, 545 U,S, 469 (2005), Jonathan L. Entin


Melvyn R. Durschlag: Scholar, Colleague, Mentor, Friend, Jonathan L. Entin


Parents Involved and the Meaning of Brown: An Old Debate Renewed, Jonathan L. Entin


Peter Junger: Scholar and Stylist, Jonathan L. Entin

Rational Basis, Jonathan L. Entin

Raymond Motor Transportation, Inc. v. Rice, 434 U.S. 429 (1978), Jonathan L. Entin

The Death of Strict Liability, Peter M. Gerhart

Achieving Justice: Freeing the Innocent, Convicting the Guilty (Report of the ABA Criminal Justice's Ad Hoc Innocence Committee to Ensure the Integrity of the Criminal Process), Paul C. Giannelli

Comparative Bullet Lead Analysis, Paul C. Giannelli

Duke Lacrosse Rape Case, Paul C. Giannelli

Forensic Science and the ABA Innocence Report, Paul C. Giannelli

Forensic Science: Under the Microscope, Paul C. Giannelli


Nontestimonial Identification Orders For DNA Testing, Paul C. Giannelli


Pretrial Discovery of Expert Testimony, Paul C. Giannelli

The Innocent Man, Paul C. Giannelli

Ohio Trial Objections, Paul C. Giannelli and Barbara R. Snyder


Tryst or Terrorists? Financial Institutions and the Search for Bad Guys, Richard K. Gordon

Public-Private Organization of Social Policy: A European Comparison, Brian K. Gran

The Rights of the Child, Brian K. Gran

Capitol Square Review & Advisory Board v. Pinette, B. Jessie Hill

McCreary County v. ACLU, B. Jessie Hill