Submissions from 2003

Miranda v. Arizona, Jonathan L. Entin

h Code of the Warrior: Why Warriors Need a Code, Shannon E. French

The Code of the Warrior: Exploring Warrior Values Past and Present, Shannon E. French

The Two Constitutional Visions of the World Trade Organization, Peter M. Gerhart

Admissibility of Scientific Evidence, Paul C. Giannelli

Crime Labs Need Improvement, Paul C. Giannelli

Everything That’s Wrong – In One Case, Paul C. Giannelli

Splitting Hairs in the Shadow of the Gallows, Paul C. Giannelli

The Right to Defense Experts, Paul C. Giannelli

The "Science" of Wrongful Convictions, Paul C. Giannelli

The Supreme Court’s ‘Criminal’ Daubert Cases, Paul C. Giannelli

Understanding Evidence, Paul C. Giannelli

Ohio Juvenile Law, Paul C. Giannelli and Patricia McCloud Yeomans

Giannelli Snyder Rules of Evidence Handbook, Paul C. Giannelli and Barbara R. Snyder

A Second Opinion: Rethinking the Public-Private Dichotomy for Health Insurance, Brian K. Gran

Social Services for Abused Children: The Benefits and Harms of Going Beyond the Public-Private Dichotomy, Brian K. Gran

The Office of the Children’s Ombudsperson: Children’s Rights and Social-Policy Innovation, Brian K. Gran and Dawn Aliberti


Corrective Justice and Title I of the ADA, Sharona Hoffman


Regulating Clinical Research: Informed Consent, Privacy, and IRBs, Sharona Hoffman

Unmanaged Care: Towards Moral Fairness in Health Care Coverage, Sharona Hoffman

New Reproductive Technologies and the Inheritance Rights of Unborn Children, Sharona Hoffman and Andrew P. Morriss


Doing Business in Indian Country: Introduction to American Indian Law Concepts Affecting Taxation, Erik M. Jensen


Jensen’s Response to Johnson’s Response to Jensen’s Response to Johnson’s Response to Jensen (Or Is It the Other Way Around?), Erik M. Jensen


The Constitution Matters in Taxation, Erik M. Jensen


The Export Clause, Erik M. Jensen

Brother’s Keeper: Must You Protect Opponent’s Confidentiality?, Peter A. Joy and Kevin C. McMunigal

Has Gideon’s Promise Been Fulfilled?, Peter A. Joy and Kevin C. McMunigal

Inadequate Representation and Wrongful Conviction, Peter A. Joy and Kevin C. McMunigal

Teaching Ethics in Evidence, Peter A. Joy and Kevin C. McMunigal

The Alternative Perpetrator Strategy, Peter A. Joy and Kevin C. McMunigal

Detention in the U.S. after 9/11 Without Judicial Oversight, Lewis R. Katz

Ohio Arrest, Search and Seizure, Lewis R. Katz

Questions & Answers: Criminal Procedure I & II, Lewis R. Katz and Neil Cohen

Katz & Giannelli Ohio Criminal Justice, Lewis R. Katz and Paul C. Giannelli

Katz & Giannelli Criminal Law (Baldwins Ohio Practice), Lewis R. Katz, Paul C. Giannelli, Beverly J. Blair, and Judith P. Lipton


Consumers & Creative Destruction: Fair Use Beyond Market Failure, Raymond Shih Ray Ku

Internet Revolution, Raymond Shih Ray Ku

Comparing Comparisons: Disciplines and the Sonderweg, Kenneth F. Ledford

Commentary on Prosecutor v. Furundzija, Greg Lombardi and Michael P. Scharf

Anti-Aging Research and the Need for Public Dialogue, Maxwell J. Mehlman

Resolving the medical malpractice crisis: Fairness considerations, Maxwell J. Mehlman

Wondergenes : genetic enhancement and the future of society, Maxwell J. Mehlman


Reliability and the Admissibility of Experts, Dale A. Nance


In Defense of Geographic Disparity, Craig Allen Nard


Introduction: The Law, Technology & The Arts Symposium: Copyright in the Digital Age: Reflection on Tasini and Beyond, Craig Allen Nard

An Illusory Fork in the Road to Peace: Justice vs. Accommodation, Michael P. Scharf

Earned Sovereignty: Juridical Underpinnings, Michael P. Scharf


Foreword: The Role of Justice in Building Peace, Michael P. Scharf

ICTY at Ten: A Critical Assessment of the Major Rulings of the International Criminal Tribunal over the Past Decade: Foreword, Michael P. Scharf

Is Invasion of Iraq Lawful Under International Law?, Michael P. Scharf


Security and Freedom: Are the Government's Efforts to Deal with Terrorism Volatile of our Freedoms?, Michael P. Scharf

The Legacy of the Milosevic Trial, Michael P. Scharf

The Functions of Justice and Anti-Justice in the Peacebuilding Process, Michael P. Scharf and Paul P. Williams

Will Mortgage Law Survive? A Commentary and Critique on Mortgage Law's Birth, Long Life, and Current Proposals for Its Demise, Morris G. Shanker

Evidence Teaching Wisdom: A Survey, Calvin W. Sharpe

Integrity Review of Statutory Arbitration Awards, Calvin W. Sharpe

Nuts and Bolts for the New or Occasional Evidence Teacher, Calvin W. Sharpe

Reliability under Rule 702: A Specialized Application of 403, Calvin W. Sharpe

Intrinsic Conflicts of Interest in Clinical Research: A Need for Disclosure, Shamon Sollitto, Sharona Hoffman, Maxwell J. Mehlman, Robert J. Lederman, Stuart J. Yongner, and Michael M. Lederman

George Steinbrenner, Robert N. Strassfeld

Resolving Sovereignty-Based Conflicts: The Emerging Approach of Earned Sovereignty, Paul R. Williams, Michael P. Scharf, and James R. Hooper

Submissions from 2002

Do Conservation Conventions Conserve?, Jonathan H. Adler


Fables of the Cuyahoga: Reconstructing a History of Environmental Protection, Jonathan H. Adler


Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Emissions Trading in North America, Jonathan H. Adler

Judicial Federalism Not Anti-Environment, Jonathan H. Adler


Legal Obstacles to Private Ordering in Marine Fisheries, Jonathan H. Adler

The Precautionary Principle’s Challenge to Progress, Jonathan H. Adler

The Role of the Judiciary in Preserving Federalism, Jonathan H. Adler

Introduction: The Virtues and Vices of Skeptical Environmentalism, Jonathan H. Adler and Andrew P. Morriss

Genetics: Ethics , Law, and Policy, Lori B. Anderews, Maxwell J. Mehlman, and Mark A. Rothstein

Chasing Cardozo and Langdell Out of the Closet*, Arthur D. Austin

The Postmodern Buzz in Law School Rankings, Arthur D. Austin

Evidence: Cases and Materials, Kenneth S. Broun, Robert P. Mosteller, and Paul C. Giannelli


Is the "Adequacy" Standard a More Political Question that the 'Equality' Standard?: The Effect of Standards-Based Education on Judicial Standards for Education Finance Litigation, Avidan Y. Cover


Note, A Rule Unfit for All Seasons: Monitoring of Attorney-Client Communication Violates Privilege and the Sixth Amendment, Avidan Y. Cover

Kansas Practice Materials, Joseph A. Custer


Lawyers and Trust in Business Alliances, George W. Dent

State Sovereign Immunity: a reference guide to the United States Constitution, Melvyn R. Durchlang

Equal Protection, the Conscientious Judge, and the 2000 Presidential Election, Jonathan L. Entin

In Memoriam: John P. Frank, Jonathan L. Entin


Insubstantial Questions and Federal Jurisdiction, Jonathan L. Entin


Judicial Selection and Political Culture, Jonathan L. Entin

Expert Testimony on Fingerprints: An Internet Exchange, Richard Friedman, D.H. Kaye, Jennifer Mnookin, Dale Nance, and Michael Saks

Slow Transformations: The WTO As a Distributive Organization, Peter M. Gerhart

Daubert ‘Unbound, Paul C. Giannelli

Fabricated Reports, Paul C. Giannelli

Fingerprints Challenged, Paul C. Giannelli

Fingerprints Challenged!, Paul C. Giannelli

Scientific Evidence, Paul C. Giannelli

Fingerprints, Paul C. Giannelli and Edward Imwinkelried

Ohio Juvenile Law, Paul C. Giannelli and Patricia McCloud Yeomans

Giannelli Snyder Rules of Evidence Handbook, Paul C. Giannelli and Barbara R. Snyder

Public Health and the Separation of Church and State: Pedreira v. Kentucky Baptist Homes for Children, Brian K. Gran

Ohio Felony Sentencing Law, Burt W. Griffin and Lewis R. Katz

Sentencing Consistency: Basic Principles Instead of Numerical Grids: The Ohio Plan, Burt W. Griffin and Lewis R. Katz


AIDS Caps, Contraceptive Coverage, and the Law: An Analysis of the Federal Anti-Discrimination Statutes’ Applicability to Health Insurance, Sharona Hoffman

The Foundations of Legal and Political Citizenship, Thomas Janoski and Brian K. Gran


Reflections on Editing a Journal for Law Teachers, Erik M. Jensen

The Anti-Contact Rule in Criminal Investigations, Peter A. Joy and Kevin C. McMunigal

The Supreme Court and Defense Counsel Conflicts, Peter A. Joy and Kevin C. McMunigal