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Legal Aspects of Obtaining Evidence for Analysis by Forensic Techniques, Paul C. Giannelli

Effective Litigation; Trials, Problems, and Materials, James W. McElhaney

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Submissions from 1973

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HUD nd he Human Environment: A Preliminary Analysis of the Impact of the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 Upon the Department of Housing and Urban Development, Melvyn R. Durchlang and Peter D. Junger

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The Interest Deducation: Several New Installments in a Continuing Saga, Leon Gabinet

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Subsnce of a Borak Right, Ronald John Coffey

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Mandatoy Courses Out of the Law School, Morris G. Shanker

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The Tying Arrangement: A Critique and Some New Thoughts, Arthur D. Austin

The Economic Realities of a “Security”: Is There a More Meaningful Formula?, Ronald John Coffey

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Submissions from 1966

A Survey of the Problems Encountered in Combating Reciprocal Trading Under Existing Trade Regulation Laws, Arthur D. Austin

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Submissions from 1965

Meeting Competition in Good Faith and the "Premium" Product, Arthur D. Austin

Strict Tort Theory of Products Liability and the Uniform Commercial Code: A Commentary on Jurisprudential Eclipses, Pigeonholes and Communication Barriers, Morris G. Shanker

Submissions from 1964

An Integrated Financing System for Purchase Money Collateral: A Proposed Solution to the Fixture Problem Under Section 9-313 of the Uniform Commerical Code, Morris G. Shanker

Comments, A Further Critique of the Fixture Section of the Uniform Commercial Code, Morris G. Shanker

Submissions from 1962

A Reply to the Proposd Amendment of UCC Section 2-702(3): Another View of Lien Creditor's Rights vs. Rights of a Seller to an Insolvent, Morris G. Shanker

Bulk transfers under Article 6 of the Uniform Commercial Code, Morris G. Shanker

Submissions from 1961

Editorial Notes, Interpretation of Exemptions Under the New Ohio States Tax, Ronald John Coffey

Editorial Notes, Non-Euclidean "Zoning": Its Theoretical Validity and Practical Desirability in Undeveloped Areas, Ronald John Coffey

Submissions from 1960

Recent Cases, Ronald John Coffey

Submissions from 1959

Recent Cases, Ronald John Coffey

Submissions from 1953

Comment, The Norris-La Guardia Act and Erie Railroad Co. v. Tompkins, Leon Gabinet