Emily J. Peters

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. 3) Iraqi troops entered hospitals in Basrah and Karbala and summarily murdered any males between the age of 12 and 70. Iraqi troops also murdered, tortured, and raped medical personnel who had provided treatment to insurgents. 4) Ali Hassan Al Majid rounded up male civilians (of fighting age) and ordered them to drink petrol. After these men drank the petrol, Al Majid ordered his troops to fire or personally fired himself tracer bullets into the victims so that the petrol would ignite and the victim would explode. This tactic was used to intimidate people into offering information about insurgent activities. 5) Taha Yassin Ramadan allegedly ordered the Iraqi Air Force to load planes with bombs containing sarin nerve gas. These planes allegedly flew to Karbala and released their payloads over the city. The bombs did not detonate and no sarin was released into the city. Do any of these incidents constitute crimes within the jurisdiction of the Iraqi High Tribunal?