Studies have shown that globally domestic violence accounts for nearly one quarter of all recorded crimes. Women have been subjected to various forms of violence ranging from rape, battering, trafficking and even murder. Although the degree differs from society to society, the occurrence has profound and destructive consequences including psychological, physical, emotional and social disorders. The fact that domestic violence prevails across all strata of the Nigerian society is no longer debatable. Despite the spirited efforts made by the world bodies such as the United Nations (e.g. Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Convention on Civil and Political Rights) and Nigeria's constitutions to eliminate discrimination and violence against women, and promote the idea of freedom, equality and justice, the Nigerian woman is often violated and without apology. Getting justice for a woman who is abused at the family level is most times difficult and wrongly treated by the law, leaving the victim dejected, rejected and dehumanized. This research provides information about domestic violence in Nigeria and has as its objectives to facilitate the activities of professional counselors such as clergy, educators, sociologists and law enforcement agents as mediators working on behalf of women's rights in Nigeria.