Sociology, Curriculum, Pedagogy, Human Rights Education


Sociology courses have significant potential to liberate students. A promising way to achieve this aim is by grounding courses in human rights principles such as respect, equity, equality, and democratic participation. Using a college-level, introductory sociology course as an example, this paper explores how a human rights education (HRE) framework can serve as a foundation for the teaching of sociology. The purpose is to show how sociology educators can relatively easily embed HRE into the learning experience. To begin, I will present a HRE framework. Then, I will illustrate how common course topics, teaching methods, and classroom conditions can be based in HRE. Finally, I will conclude by recognizing some constraints that instructors may face when using a HRE framework and strategies for overcoming them. The hope is that this analysis will provide initial ideas to spark curricular, pedagogical, and class environmental changes that, if implemented, will be more likely to guarantee student transformation.