Case Western Reserve Social Justice Law Center Reporter is a compilation of essays written by second and third-year law students in the Social Justice Law Center Seminar. Their work centers on social justice and civil rights issues.

Current Volume: Volume 1 (2022)

Currently, this site only contains metadata because the final publication is being edited. When the edits are complete, full text will be available.

  • Violence Against Women Act and Marsy's Law / Elena Gutbrod & Hannah Yeack
  • State v. Andujar: Why Meaningful Reform is Needed / Natalie Aguilar
  • State of Tennessee v. Gilbert Commentary / Thad Cwiklinski
  • State of Ohio v. Wrongful Convictions / Alireza Nourani-Dargiri
  • Lessons from Brookline: Lawsuits Won’t Save Us From Racist Workplace Practices / Makela Hayford
  • How the Fair Housing Act Fails Individual Victims With Criminal Convictions / Jane Norris & Zhiwei Hua
  • Eviction Sealing / Danielle DalPorto & Makela Hayford
  • Domestic Terrorism in the United States / Hannah Yeack
  • Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization / Elena Gutbrod
  • Death by a Single Sentence / Danielle DalPorto
  • Comment on State v. Porter / Jane Norris
  • Beyond Debate Means Beyond Protection / Lucas Allison
  • A Summary about the Positive Effect of the Law Prohibiting the Source of Income (SOI) Discrimination / Zhiwei Hua
  • A Declaration of Dependence for Iowa Civil Rights Committees / Michael Mahoney
  • “De Minimis ‘Dimini-missed?’” How Threat Threatened, But Preserved, Title VII’s Materially Adverse Requirement in §703(a)(1) Employment Discrimination Actions / Michael Mahoney & Lucas Allison