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Canada-United States Law Journal (Student Journals)

ISSN 1063-6391

Founded in 1974, the Canada-United States Law Journal was the first academic law journal dedicated to the exploration of the complex trade relationship between Canada and the United States.

Case Western Reserve Journal of International Law (Student Journals)

ISSN 0008-7254

Established in 1968, the Case Western Reserve Journal of International Law (JIL) is one of the oldest and most prestigious international law journals in the world.


Case Western Reserve Law Review (Student Journals)

ISSN 0008-7262

The Case Western Reserve Law Review is a student edited, scholarly publication dealing with subjects of general interest in the legal profession.


Health Matrix: The Journal of Law-Medicine (Student Journals)

ISSN 0748-383X

A premier journal of legal scholarship focusing on the intersection of law, ethics, medicine, and policy.


Journal of Law, Technology, & the Internet (Student Journals)

ISSN 1949-6451

Case Western Reserve Journal of Law, Technology & the Internet (JOLTI) is an annual peer-reviewed student-run law journal that publishes the works of academics, practitioners, and other relevant experts on a variety of topics including intellectual property and technology law. We welcome the unsolicited submission of any full-length manuscript addressing the intersection of law and technology. Case Western Reserve School of Law faculty members serve as peer-reviewers for all manuscripts.


Societies Without Borders (Cross Disciplinary Publications)

ISSN 1872-1915

The International Journal of Ethical Leadership (Cross Disciplinary Publications)

ISSN 2326-7461

See the Aims and Scope for a complete coverage of the journal.

The Reporter: Social Justice Law Center Magazine

The Reporter: Social Justice Law Center Magazine is a compilation of essays written by second and third-year law students in the Social Justice Law Center Seminar. Their work centers on social justice and civil rights issues.