From In-House Counsel to Inmate: Meet the Former GC of WellCare Health Plans


Thad Bereday

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An inside account of one lawyer’s fall from billion dollar public company executive to criminal defendant in a major healthcare fraud prosecution, to federal prison inmate, and…back.

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Thad Bereday was Senior Vice President and General Counsel of WellCare Health Plans from 2002-2008. Thad’s legal career ended when WellCare was raided by 200 federal agents, setting off a decade long odyssey through the criminal legal system.

So began a grueling descent during which Bereday lost his job, his law license, his health, his family, and his freedom. He later received a presidential pardon. Today, he is an advocate for criminal justice reform and the possibility of redemption.

Edmund W. Searby (moderator) is a partner at Porter Wright and an adjunct faculty member at Case Western Reserve University School of Law. He is a former federal prosecutor in Florida and a Special Deputy Independent Counsel in Washington, D.C. He represented an executive (other than Bereday) in the criminal investigation of WellCare.

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criminal law, Thad Bereday, Thad Bereday and presidential pardon, wrongful conviction


CWRU School of Law, A59, Mootcourt Room

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