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Jessica L. Roberts

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The Elena and Miles Zaremski Law Medicine Forum presents: Accessible Health Tech

Implemented properly, technologies like virtual appointments, patient portals and remote patient monitoring can eliminate transportation and other barriers, streamline the processes for communicating with providers, obtaining medical records or refilling prescriptions, and improve the management of chronic conditions. People with disabilities might then seem like an obvious population to benefit from these advances. Unfortunately, health tech is often inaccessible for many patients with disabilities because developers do not currently prioritize accessibility. Yet we argue that there are legal, economic, and structural reasons for designing these technologies accessibly. As a result, law and policy makers should act now to ensure that all patients can use health tech, regardless of disability.

Jessica L. Roberts is the Director of the Health Law & Policy Institute and the Leonard Childs Professor in Law, who specializes in genetics and the law, health law, and disability law. Prior to UH, Professor Roberts was an Associate-in-Law at Columbia Law School and an Adjunct Professor of Disability Studies at the City University of New York. Immediately after law school, she clerked for the Honorable Dale Wainwright of the Texas Supreme Court and the Honorable Roger L. Gregory of the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Professor Roberts' research operates at the intersection of health law, ethics, and social justice. Her scholarship has appeared in the Yale Law Journal, Northwestern Law Review, Michigan Law Review, University of Pennsylvania Law Review, Science, JAMA Health Forum and Nature Biotechnology, among others. Cambridge University Press published her book on "healthism," co-authored with Elizabeth Weeks Leonard, in 2018.

A noted expert on diverse issues of health law, Professor Roberts has been interviewed by several leading media outlets, including U.S. News, the New York Times (twice), the Washington Post, the Houston Chronicle, National Public Radio and BBC World Service.

She teaches, or has taught, Genetics & the Law, Disabilities & the Law, Contracts, and Health Law

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