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Conference held at the Franklin Thomas Backus School of Law on Apr. 7 & Apr.8, 2006

Cassettes 1-3: Apr 7, 2006

Contents: Fri. Apr. 7: Purpose of the Canada-US Law Institute / Sidney Picker, Jr. (Emeritus professor, Case Law School) -- Introduction & welcome / Henry T. King, Jr. -- The importance of innovation in the world context -- Government assistance to and policy toward innovation -- Greetings / Michael Scharf (Director, Frederick K Cox International Law Center) -- A national perspective toward innovation -- Financing innovation: investment in development of new technology, venture capital and other aspects of innovation -- Protecting innovative technology: global patent strategies the big picture - the enforcement of US and Canadian intellectual property rights in North America and globally -- Emerging issues in the Canada-US relationship

Lecture Series

Canada-United States Law Institute Annual Conference

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Technological innovations -- Canada; Technological innovations -- United States


Cleveland, OH

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