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Lecture series 2004-05. Symposium presented at Franklin Thomas Backus School of Law (Case Law School) on Friday, Oct. 8, 2004. Symposium co-chairs: Professor Michael P. Scharf (director, Frederick K. Cox International Law Center) and Lt. Col. Amos Guiora (Israel defense forces; visiting professor at Case Law School)

Panelists: KEYNOTE ADDRESS: David Andrews (senior vice president of government affairs, PepsiCo Inc. & legal adviser to the U.S. Department of State during the Clinton administration); PANEL ONE: Lt. Col. Amos Guiora (Israel defense forces, visiting professor), Mark Drumbl (professor, Washington & Lee College of Law), Mary Ellen O'Connell (professor, Ohio State University College of Law); LUNCH PANEL: Nickolas Rostow (Chief Counsel, U.S. Mission to the U.N.), Alex Schmid (Senior crime prevention & criminal justice officer, terrorism prevention branch, U.N., Vienna, Austria), Bruce Broomhall, (professor of criminal law, University of Quebec); PANEL THREE: Robert Black (Queens Counsel, Professor of Scots Law, University of Edinburgh), Julian Knowles (Barrister at law, Matrix Chambers, London, England & Lockerbie Appeal Defense Counsel); Steve Emerson (Executive director, Investigate Project & author, "The Fall of Pan Am 103"); PANEL FOUR: Mark Zaid (Plaintiffs' counsel representing victims' families, Pan Am 103 v. Libya), Robert Mirone (Lead Defense Counsel for Libya, Pan Am 103 civil proceedings), Alan Gerson (author, "The price of terror" & former assistant attorney general & chief counsel, U.S. Mission to the U.N.); PANEL FIVE: Jonathan Leiken (Professor, Case School of Law, former Assistant U.S. Attorney, SDNY), Andrew McCarthy (former chief prosecutor, WTC bombing case), Toni Locy (Journalist, USA Today), Greg Noone (Program officer, U.S. Institute of Peace), Judge Evan Wallach (Court of International Trade), Scott Silliman (Professor & executive director, Duke University Center on Law, Ethics, & National Security)

Contents: panel 1: use of force versus use of courts in the war on terrorism -- lunch panel: Is terrorism worth defining? -- panel 3: lessons learned from the Pan Am 103 bombing trial -- panel 4: suing terrorists in U.S. court -- panel 5: the trials of al Qaeda: federal court versus military commission

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War on Terrorism, 2001-2009; International crimes; Trials (Terrorism); Military courts -- United States; Pan Am Flight 103 Bombing Incident, 1988; Bombing investigation -- Scotland -- Lockerbie


Cleveland, OH

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Cleveland, OH: Case Western Reserve University, School of Law, 2004