The Role of Legal Infrastructure Enhancement in Promoting Economic Development in Africa

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November 4, 2010

Frederick K. Cox International Law Center Case Western Reserve University School of Law

Swithin Munyantwali Director and Co-founder International Law Institute African Centre for Legal Excellence, Kampala, Uganda

Mr. Munyantwali focuses on how enhanced legal infrastructure can be a useful tool in promoting African economic development. Currently, Africa's legal and judicial institutions while improving still need strengthening to cope with the demands of its rapid economic development and effective participation in the global economy. Many legal and judicial institutions on the African continent are hampered by archaic practices, such as non existent or outdated court reports, the hand recording of court decisions, the lack of or limited application of alternate modes of dispute resolution, and rampant court corruption. When coupled with other functional inadequacies, such prevailing factors render many jurisdictions unattractive for investment. Local and foreign investors are drawn to investment destinations characterized by functioning courts and speedy adjudication of disputes rooted in a reasonably predicable jurisprudential normative framework

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Frederick K. Cox International Law Center

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rule of law--Africa; legal structure--Africa; economic development--Africa; legal systems and economic development--Africa


Case Western Reserve University School of Law

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