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Climate Change has continued to exact a toll on worldwide systems, and the effects of human energy consumption continue to grow. This change is currently manifest most acutely in the Arctic, with changes in the Arctic environment far outpacing the rest of the globe. The impact of this change is already significant, with immediate effects for the northernmost reaches of North America, Europe, and Asia, but also knock-on effects across the globe. Regardless of humanities' ability to mitigate the emissions that drive Climate Change, much of the ongoing change in the Arctic is already established and will continue to accelerate. This year's annual conference will delve into the emerging issues in the North American Arctic from the perspective of trans-border impact, initiatives, and need for cooperation. Our expert panelists and distinguished lecturers will cover issues ranging from the concrete change taking place, to emerging national security issues, to economic growth and regulation, to the impact on and role of Indigenous Peoples. Our guests and presenters from government, academia, and industry will review these topics from their national and sector viewpoints and engage the audience in much-needed dialogue on the issues.

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Canada-US Law Institute

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climate change, Arctic, national security, economic growth, economic regulation, indigenous peoples, international law, international law and the Arctic, Canada, United States, Canada--United States relationship, Canada and United States, environmental law, international environmental law, international environmental regulation


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