Eminent Domain, Urban Renewal and the Constitution Legal and Policy Perspectives: Session 3 (Part 3 of 3)

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February 4, 2005 Speakers: Bert Gall, Staff Attorney, Institute for Justice J. Peter Byrne, Professor of Law, Georgetown University Law Center Moderator: Hiram Chodosh, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and Joseph C. Hostetler Baker & Hostetler Professor of Law, Case School of Law Presented by: Center for Business Law & Regulation Co-sponsored by the Federalist Society Environmental Law & Property Rights Practice Group Session Title: Debate Summary: The Supreme Court has accepted certiorari in the case of Kelo et al v. City of New London to consider whether the Fifth Amendment authorizes the exercise of eminent domain to promote economic development, in this case to help a government increase its tax revenue and to create jobs. The debate features representatives of the two sides (or sympathetic amici) to give listeners a sense of the arguments that will be heard by the court.

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Center for Business Law & Regulation

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eminent domain; Fifth Amendment; public use; blight remediation; urban renewal



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