Corporate Wellness Programs: Are They Hazardous to Well-Being? (Part 2)

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April 15, 2016

Topic 2: What is the impact on health outcomes and cost savings? (continued) Michael Roizen, MD Topic 3: What are universities doing? Elizabeth R. Click, ND, RN, CLE, CWP

The Law-Medicine Center at Case Western Reserve University is hosting a day-long conference on legal and policy aspects of corporate wellness programs. The conference will begin with a description of current corporate efforts, a review of data on the effects of these programs on employee health and on costs, and an update on legal developments including the latest actions by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The conference then will address ethical and legal concerns raised by these programs including their potential for discriminating against persons with disabilities, unfairly shifting costs, compromising employee privacy and autonomy, and penalizing individuals for their immutable characteristics. Papers commissioned by the conference will be published in Health Matrix: Journal of Law-Medicine.

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Law-Medicine Center

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corporate wellness programs; corporate wellness programs and health outcomes; health care law and policy


Case Western Reserve University School of Law

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