A State-Provincial Approach to Harmful Algal Blooms in the Great Lakes Basin: Possibilities and Pitfall

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Harmful algal blooms (HABs) are negatively impacting the Great Lakes. The Lakes should be enjoyed for recreation and serve as the home to bountiful freshwater species, however, this precious resource is becoming increasingly toxic. Much has been written and studied about the causes of HABs, and numerous solutions have been proposed. However, there are many cooks in the remedial kitchen and the progress toward remediation has been stalled and uncoordinated.

This symposium will present such a framework by two leading scientific and legal experts on HABs. Professor Irena Creed, Associate Vice President for Research at the University of Saskatchewan and Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, and Kathryn Friedman, Global Fellow at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars Canada Institute and Research Professor at the University at Buffalo, will propose a state-provincial framework for tackling HABs. This proposal will then be reviewed by a panel of federal, state and provincial environmental regulators and a panel of industry and non-government organization stakeholders. The timely questions to be answered include: Whether a state-provincial framework necessary? Is it possible? What are the challenges? How can an enforceable and successful framework be created?

Government Regulatory Panel:

  • Michigan: Teresa Seidel, Division Director for Water Resources, Department of Environment, Great Lakes & Energy, State of Michigan
  • Minnesota: Katrina Kessler, Assistant Commissioner for Water and Agriculture Policy, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, State of Michigan
  • New York: Karen Stainbrook, Chief of Lake Monitoring and Assessment Section, Department of Environmental Conservation, State of New York
  • Wisconsin: Madeline Magee, PhD, Great Lakes and Mississippi River Monitoring Coordinator, BEACH Program Manager, Office of Great Waters – Great Lakes and Mississippi River, Department of Natural Resources, State of Wisconsin
  • Halton, Ontario: Chitra Gowda, M.Sc. Environmental Engineering, Sr. Manager, Watershed Planning and Source Protection, Conservation Halton
  • International Joint Commission: Dr. Lucinda Johnson, Member of the IJC's Science Advisory Board, Associate Director and Water Initiative Director, University of Minnesota Natural Resources Research Institute, Duluth, MN
  • Environment and Climate Change Canada: Ms. Tricia Mitchell, Acting Associate Regional Director General, Ontario Region, ECCC's Strategic Policy Branch

Academic and NGO Panel:

  • Howard Learner, Executive Director, Environmental Law and Policy Center (Chicago, IL)
  • Todd Brennan, Senior Policy Director, Alliance for the Great Lakes, (Green Bay, WI)
  • Noah Hall, Professor of Law, Wayne State University School of Law
  • Diane Dupont, Scientific Director, Water Economics, Policy and Governance Network, Brock University

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Canada-US Law Institute

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law--Great Lakes Basin, regulation--Great Lakes Basin, state and provincial cooperation and the Great Lakes, algal blooms, algal blooms--management

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