Hardball Negotiating Tactics: Why They Work & How They Can Fail So Badly


Max Factor III

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September 19, 2007

Speaker: Max Factor III, Esq., Factor Mediation & Arbitration Services, Inc.

The Center for the Interdisciplinary Study of Conflict & Dispute Resolution

CISCDR Distinguished Visitor Lecture How do hardball negotiating tactics affect the people, the discussion, and the results of a negotiation? Mr. Factor will look at this topic from a range of reason-based and emotion-based perspectives, including: disarming knowledge seeking inquiries persuasive emotion-based tactics effective tactics based on cognitive psychology research humanistic and anecdotal moments of transformational impact greater understanding through research in neuroscience. One of Southern California's leading mediators, Max Factor III, Esq. is a Fellow of the International Academy of Mediators, Chair of the Committee on Administration of Justice for the California State Bar (2006-07), Past President of the Southern California Mediation Association (2005-06), and a member of the National Panel of Neutrals of the American Bar Association. He was chosen as one of the 27 Top Neutrals by Best Lawyers® 2006, as well as being repeatedly selected a "Super Lawyer." Mr. Factor is an Adjunct Professor at Pepperdine Law School, teaching graduate students and Master's candidates at the Straus Institute's Dispute Resolution Clinic. A graduate of Harvard College, magna cum laude in Economics, and of Yale Law School, Mr. Factor was an editor of the Yale Law Review. His mediation practice builds on three decades of experience as a highly regarded business and litigation attorney, combined with an intuitive ability to motivate disputants to accept workable resolutions.

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Center for the Interdisciplinary Study of Conflict & Dispute Resolution

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hard ball negotiating tactics; negotiation; legal negotiation; reason-based negotiation; emotion-based negotiation; cognitive psychology and negotiation; Max Factor III, dispute settlement; arbitration

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