Social Media in the Workplace


Margaret J. Grover

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Case Western Reserve University School of Law Arthur W. Fiske Lecture Series Dean’s Distinguished Lecture Speaker: Margaret J. Grover Attorney at Law Wendel, Rosen, Black & Dean LLP The lecture covers: limitations on employer access to social media; risks of using Social Media in hiring decisions; National Labor Relations Board decisions defining what constitutes protected “concerted activity” through social media; harassment and bullying through social media; expectation of privacy in employer-owned devices; and, social media policies. As social media use has soared—including in the workplace—companies and employees are more frequently at odds in proper use and oversight of social media that does not contradict rights laws, regulations, or company policies. Ohio attorneys representing employees, companies, and legislators will find this lecture of value.

Lecture Series

Arthur W. Fiske Memorial Lecture

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social media, workplace, social media in the workplace, social media and hiring, NLRB and concerted activity, concerted activity, social media nad harassment, social media and bullying, social media and Ohio law

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