Dead Man Walking: The Journey Continues

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September 17, 2009

Speaker: Sister Helen Prejean, Sisters of St. Joseph Medaille

Sponsored by: Frank J. Battisti Memorial Lecture and Constitution Day Lecture

Sister Helen is a southern storyteller. She will bring the audience on her journey - how she got involved in the death penalty, how her book, Dead Man Walking, became a movie, a play, and an opera. She will explain how those who attend the lecture can become involved in this issue, if they would like to. Sr. Helen will discuss the universal concerns of justice, the morality of the death penalty, the injustice that occurs in death penalty cases, and the effort to strike a balance between recognizing the rights of the defendant and being aware of and sensitive to the impact of the crime on victims, their families, and society.

Lecture Series

Frank J. Battisti Memorial Lecture

Subject Headings

death penalty; morality; death penalty and morality; rights of victims; rights of defendants; society; society and the death penalty; capital punishment; capital punishment and morality

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