Lawyering Peace: Infusing Human Rights into the Peace Negotiation Process

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Dr. Paul R. Williams gave the Bruce J. Klatsky Endowed Lecture on Human Rights and received the 2019 Cox International Law Center's Humanitarian Award for Advancing Global Justice at Case Western Reserve University School of Law. Dr. Williams spoke about the arc of accountability in peace processes, starting from the era of impunity, to the time of tribunals, and up to the potential denouement we are now experiencing.

The annual Klatsky Lecture brings together dignitaries, scholars, and practitioners to hear about challenges and innovations in the international legal framework around human rights. Previous speakers include the Special Rapporteur for Crimes against Humanity, a former Assistant Secretary of State for Human Rights, and the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Lecture Series

Klatsky Seminar in Human Rights

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peace negotiations, accountability, peace negotiations and accontability, human rights, peace negotiations and human rights, lawyers and peace negotiations, war crimes, atrocities, atrocity law


Case Western Reserve University School of Law

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