The Environmental Protection Agency Turns 50 (Part 1)

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Law Review Symposium and Coleman Burke Center for Environmental Law Conference

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Co-sponsored by the Case Western Reserve Law Review and the Coleman P. Burke Center for Environmental Law at Case Western Reserve University School of Law

This day-long interdisciplinary symposium featuring noted academics and former Environmental Protection Agency officials will explore the EPA’s history, its successes, its failures, and its future outlook.

Speakers include:

Joseph Aldy, Harvard Kennedy School, former Special Assistant to the President for Energy & Environment
Ann Carlson, University of California Los Angeles Law School
Cary Coglianese, University of Pennsylvania Law School
Donald Elliott, Yale Law School, former EPA General Counsel
Jonathan Gilligan, Vanderbilt University
Joseph Goffman, Harvard Law School, former EPA Associate Assistant Administrator
Emily Hammond, George Washington University Law School
Michael Livermore, University of Virginia Law School
Brian Mannix, George Washington University Regulatory Studies Center, former EPA Associate Administrator
Robert Percival, University of Maryland Law School
Michael Vandenbergh, Vanderbilt Law School, former EPA Chief of Staff
Wendy Wagner, University of Texas Law School
Dan Walters, Pennsylvania State University Law School
Katrina Wyman, New York University Law School

Lecture Series

Case Western Reserve Law Review Symposium

2nd Lecture Series

Coleman P. Burke Center for Environmental Law

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EPA, Environmental Protection Agency, Environmental Protection Agency Turns 50, EPA is 50, history of the EPA

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