Lincoln School Marchers

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This event will educate attendees about the legal and historical significance of the Lincoln School Marchers of Hillsboro, Ohio. Gain valuable insights into the profound impact their protest had on education in the immediate aftermath of Brown v. Board of Education, which was decided 70 years ago this May.

Embedded in this event will be a screening of “The Lincoln School Story,” a compelling short documentary produced by Ohio Humanities, where a group of African American mothers in Hillsboro, Ohio, tried to enroll their children in the local white schools. When the school board refused, they took their case to the streets and the courts.

Following the screening, a distinguished panel of community and legal experts will engage in a thought-provoking discussion on both the historic and contemporary implications of Brown v. Board of Education. Don't miss this enriching experience that combines legal discourse with the art of storytelling to illuminate the past and its relevance to the present.


Melvin Barnes, Jr., Ph.D., Historian and Ohio Humanities Program Officer

Barnes was born and raised in Toledo and initially joined Ohio Humanities as a summer research fellow in 2019, before rejoining the team permanently as a Program Officer in 2020. In addition to his work at Ohio Humanities, Barnes teaches history at The Ohio State University and has been a guest lecturer at Spellman College. Barnes completed his doctorate in Chinese and East Asian history and African American History. He lives in Clintonville with his wife, young son, and a tuxedo cat named Titus.

James Hardiman, Esq., Civil Rights Attorney

Hardiman has an extensive career history, including working at Legal Aid Society of Cleveland, office of the Cleveland police prosecutor, national NAACP as special counsel, managing partner of Hardiman, Buchanan, Howland & Trivers, adjunct professor of political science at Baldwin-Wallace University and legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Ohio.

Marilyn Sanders Mobley, Ph.D., Emerita Professor of English and African American Studies, Case Western Reserve University

Marilyn Sanders Mobley is an emerita professor of English and Africana Studies at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) where she served as the university’s first Chief Diversity Officer from 2009-2019. A Toni Morrison scholar, Mobley is the author of Folk Roots and Mythic Wings in Sarah Orne Jewett and Toni Morrison: The Cultural Function of Narrative and “Toni Morrison’s Beloved: The Scandal that Disturbed Domestic Tranquility” in Scandalous Fictions: The Twentieth Century Novel in the Public Sphere. Her forthcoming book is Toni Morrison and the Geopoetics of Place, Race and Be/longing (Temple University Press, 2024).

Dr. Carlotta Penn, Daydreamers Press founder and author of Step by Step: How the Lincoln School Marchers Blazed a Trail to Justice

Carlotta Penn is the founder of and author at Daydreamers Press. She is a Daydreamer who believes in justice and in the power of arts and literature to activate change in the world. Daydreamers Press is the public vehicle for her personal passions, and commitments. She brings her experience creating as a songwriter, poet and writer, and in teaching and developing community programs nationally and internationally, to her work as lead curator of content and programming at Daydreamers Press.

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Social Justice Law Center

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Lincoln School Marchers; Brown v. Board of Education; civil rights; school integration


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