Technology in the Securities Industry -- Promoting Innovation Without Compromising Investor Protection


Andrea Seidt

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This lecture will focus on the proliferation of fintech, artificial intelligence, and other emerging technologies as observed in the securities industry. Commissioner Seidt will discuss how digital assets, artificial intelligence, and algorithmic investing platforms have transformed investing in the modern age. While these new technologies deliver many benefits and have the potential to expand market access and reduce costs, these technologies can be misused to exploit unsophisticated and vulnerable investors. Commissioner Seidt will highlight how these technologies fit into recent policy proposals and how they are being approached in state and federal examination and enforcement initiatives. At the conclusion of the lecture, the audience will be invited to share views on whether and how regulatory policies should be flexed at the state or federal level to promote technological innovation without compromising market integrity and oversight.

Speaker Biography

Andrea Seidt is the Ohio Securities Commissioner with the Ohio Department of Commerce, Division of Securities. The division has administrative, civil, and criminal authority to prosecute violations of the Ohio Securities Act and oversees one of the country’s largest securities licensee populations with more than 225,000 registered investment firms and professionals. Seidt actively represents the Division and investors throughout the state of Ohio through her service with the North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA). Seidt is former President of NASAA and is currently serving her second term on NASAA’s Board of Directors, where she has focused on policies related to investment adviser and broker-dealer regulation and state enforcement involving exempt and unregistered offerings. Seidt works closely with her federal peers at the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), having served on FINRA’s CRD/IARD Steering Committee and the SEC’s Small Business Advisory Committee. Prior to her appointment as Commissioner in 2008, Seidt worked at the Jones Day law firm and also served as Deputy Chief Counsel for the Office of the Ohio Attorney General. Seidt received both her undergraduate and law degrees from The Ohio State University.


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