Mental Health Care and Crisis Response

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This panel discussion aims to contribute to the long-standing considerations of the type and scope of public services available to community members experiencing mental health crises. Panelists will describe existing crisis responses, including care and co-response models, available throughout the country. The discussion will commemorate the 9th anniversary of the in-custody death of Tanisha Anderson, a local Cleveland woman.


Josiah Quarles (he/him): Josiah Quarles is the Director of Organizing and Advocacy at Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless (NEOCH). Josiah has a background in grassroots organizing, public speaking, education, sport-based youth development and multimedia arts. Social Justice and the liberation struggle have been at the heart of many of his professional and artistic endeavors. He views two-way education, community-based solutions and decentralized power building as fundamentally essential to challenging the politics and policies that have codified the oppression and disenfranchisement of so many. Josiah helps organize NEOCH's Street Outreach program, which provides relationally based, trauma-informed street outreach services. Josiah also helps organize #CareforCLE, which is a coalition-based campaign advocating for non-police response to mental-health crises in Cleveland.

Bree Easterling (they/them): Bree Easterling is a Social Justice Outreach and Organizing Specialist at Policy Matters Ohio. Bree has worked to develop a non-police care response for people in crisis due to mental health issues, substance abuse, being neurodivergent or being unhoused. They have a rich background in social justice reform, community engagement and grassroots activism. A disabled Air Force veteran, Bree worked as a Veterans Service Officer and Outreach Coordinator for Cuyahoga County Veterans Service Commission prior to their fellowship with Policy Matters. Bree continues to connect policy to people and people to policy, with a focus on care response, mental and behavioral health, fine and fees, and eliminating collateral sanctions.

Cori Schleiffer (she/her): Cori Schleiffer is a contractor offering communications, public-relations, community-engagement, organizing and strategic support for justice-oriented programs and projects. She specializes in marginalized healthcare advocacy, particularly behavioral healthcare and reproductive healthcare. She co-founded Responding with Empathy, Access and Community Healing (REACH), a grassroots coalition with the aim of establishing a care response program for broad use in Northeast Ohio and diversifying the resources available to the community in moments of crisis, conflict and poor health. Cori was also appointed to the Mental Health Response Advisory Committee, where she chairs the Community Engagement Subcommittee.

Ayesha Bell Hardaway: Professor of Law, Director of Social Justice Law Center. Hardaway's research and scholarship interests include the intersection of race and the law, constitutional law, criminal law, policing and civil litigation.

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