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Symposium presented at Franklin Thomas Backus School of Law (Case Law School) on Friday, Oct. 7, 2005.

KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Torturing the law / Jose E. Alvarez -- PANEL 1: What's wrong with torture? -- Defining torture / David Sussman -- Exceptionalism: torture American style / Henry Shue -- Torture: Morality and convention / Jeff McMahan -- PANEL 2: Outsourcing torture -- War by proxy: legal and moral duties of other actors derived from government affiliation / Michael Newton -- Torture and contract / Laura Dickinson -- American innocence / Robert Strassfeld -- LUNCH DEBATE -- The White House Torture Memos / Leila Nadya Sadat, Andrew McCarthy, Elisa Massimino -- PANEL 3: Suppressing torture: the role of international organizations -- Combating terrorism: zero tolerance for torture / Justice Richard Goldstone -- Prosecution of torture by the International Criminal Tribunal / William Schabas -- Woe to him who would be true, though to be false were salvation / Andre M Surena -- PANEL 4: Adjudicating torture in American Courts -- Why not the courts / John Hutson -- ATCA and the duty to provide effective remedies / Elisa Massimino -- FINAL ADDRESS: Legal, moral, and policy implications of torture as state policy and practice / M. Cherif Bassiouni

Lecture Series

Frederick K. Cox International Law Center

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War on terrorism; War crimes; Torture (International law); International crimes


Cleveland, Ohio

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Cleveland, Ohio: Case Western Reserve University Law School, 2005