Submissions from 2019


Portable Medical Order Sets (POLST®): Ethical and Legal Landscape, Sharona Hoffman


What Genetic Testing Teaches About Long-Term Predictive Health Analytics Regulation, Sharona Hoffman

Submissions from 2018


Big Data Analytics: What Can Go Wrong, Sharona Hoffman


Personal Health Records as a Tool for Transparency in Health Care (Draft), Sharona Hoffman


Step Therapy: Legal and Ethical Implications of a Cost-Cutting Measure, Sharona Hoffman


The Perplexities of Age and Power, Sharona Hoffman

Submissions from 2017


Big Data and the Americans with Disabilities Act, Sharona Hoffman


Big Data and the Americans with Disabilities Act: Amending the Law to Cover Discrimination Based on Data-Driven Predictions of Future Illnesses, Sharona Hoffman


Exploitation in Medical Research: The Enduring Legacy of the Tuskegee Syphilis Study, Ruqaiijah Yearby

Submissions from 2016


Electronic Health Records and Medical Big Data: Law and Policy, Sharona Hoffman

Involuntary Consent: Conditioning Access to Health Care on Participation in Clinical Trials, Ruqaiijah Yearby

Missing the “Target”: Preventing the Unjust Inclusion of Vulnerable Children for Medical Research Studies, Ruqaiijah Yearby

Race Based Medicine, Color Blind Disease: How Racial Preferences in Violation of the 14th Amendment are Killing Us All, Ruqaiijah Yearby

Submissions from 2015

Genetics: Ethics , Law, and Policy, Lori B. Anderews, Mazxwell J. Mehlman, and Mark A. Rothstein

Reflections on Shared Law School Leadership, Jessica Wilen Berg and Michael P. Scharf

Aging with a Plan: How a Little Thought Today Can Vastly Improve Your Tomorrow, Sharona Hoffman

Improving Regulatory Enforcement in the Face of Inadequate Resources, Sharona Hoffman

Medical Big Data and Big Data Quality Problems, Sharona Hoffman

Captain American and Iron Man: Biological, Genetic, and Psychological Enhancement and the Warrior Ethos, Maxwell J. Mehlman

Reproductive Information and Reproductive Decision-Making, Maxwell J. Mehlman

Why Physicians Are Fiduciaries For Their Patients, Maxwell J. Mehlman

Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired: Putting an End to Separate and Unequal Health Care in the United States 50 Years after the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Ruqaiijah Yearby

Submissions from 2014

Citizen Science: The Law and Ethics of Public Access to Medical Big Data, Sharona Hoffman

Super Soldiers (Part 1): What is Military Human Enhancement?, Patrick Lin, Maxwell J. Mehlman, Keith Abney, and Jai Galliott

Medical Malpractice, Maxwell J. Mehlman

Soldier Enhancement, Maxwell J. Mehlman

A Framework for Military Bioethics, Maxwell J. Mehlman and Stephani O. Corley

Ethical, Legal, Social, and Policy Issues in the Use of Genomic Technology by the U.S. Military, Maxwell J. Mehlman and Tracy Yeheng Li

When is a Change Going to Come? Separate and Unequal Treatment in Health Care Fifty Years after Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Ruqaiijah Yearby

Submissions from 2013

Big Bad Data: Law, Public Health, and Biomedical Databases, Sharona Hoffman and Andy Podgurski


The Use and Misuse of Biomedical Data: Is Bigger Really Better?”, Sharona Hoffman and Andy Podgurski

Submissions from 2012


All for One and One for All: Informed Consent and Public Health, Jessica Wilen Berg

Surrogate Decision Making in the Internet Age, Jessica Wilen Berg


Introduction - Symposium Issue on Health Data Security Systems, Sharona Hoffman


The Drugs Stop Here: A Public Health Framework to Address the Drug Shortage Crisis, Sharona Hoffman


Balancing Privacy, Autonomy, and Scientific Needs in Electronic Health Records Research, Sharona Hoffman and Andy Podgurski


Drug-Drug Interaction Alerts: Emphasizing the Evidence, Sharona Hoffman and Andy Podgurski

How Close Are We to Being Able to Achieve the Transhumanist Vision?, Maxwell J. Mehlman

Medical Practice Guidelines as Malpractice Safe Harbors: Illusion or Deceit?, Maxwell J. Mehlman


Professional Power and the Standard of Care in Medicine, Maxwell J. Mehlman

Transhumanist Dreams and Dystopian Nightmares: The Promise and Peril of Genetic Engineering, Maxwell J. Mehlman


Breaking The Cycle of ‘Unequal Treatment’ with Health Care Reform: Acknowledging and Addressing the Continuation of Racial Bias, Ruqaiijah Yearby

Racial Disparities in Health Status and Accessing Health Care, Ruqaiijah Yearby

Submissions from 2011

Pediatric Decision-Making: Adolescent Patients, Emily C. Goodlander and Jessica Wilen Berg


The Importance of Immutability in Employment Discrimination Law, Sharona Hoffman


Improving Health Care Outcomes Through Personalized Comparisons of Treatment Effectiveness Based on Electronic Health Records, Sharona Hoffman and Andy Podgurski


Meaningful Use and Certification of Health Information Technology: What About Safety?, Sharona Hoffman and Andy Podgurski

Modern Eugenics and the Law, Maxwell J. Mehlman

Ethical and Legal Issues in Enhancement Research on Human Subjects, Maxwell J. Mehlman, Jessica Wilen Berg, Eric T. Juengst, and Eric Kodish

Racial Inequities in Mortality and Access to Health Care: The Untold Peril of Rationing Health Care in the United States, Ruqaiijah Yearby

Submissions from 2010

Genetics: Ethics , Law, and Policy, Lori B. Anderews, Maxwell J. Mehlman, and Mark A. Rothstein


Putting the Community Back into the ‘Community Benefit’ Standard, Jessica Wilen Berg


What is Left of Charity Care After Health Reform?, Jessica Wilen Berg

Breach Notification and the Law, Sharona Hoffman

Electronic Health Records and Research: Privacy vs. Scientific Priorities, Sharona Hoffman


Employing E-Health: The Impact of Electronic Health Records on the Workplace, Sharona Hoffman

African Americans Can't Win, Break Even, or Get Out of the System: The Persistence of Racial Disparities in Health Care in “Post-Racial” America, Ruqaiijah Yearby

Does Twenty-Five Years Make a Difference in Unequal Treatment"?: The Persistence of Racial Disparities in Health Care Then and Now, Ruqaiijah Yearby


Litigation, Integration, and Transformation: Using Medicaid to Address Racial Inequities in Health Care, Ruqaiijah Yearby

Submissions from 2009

Making All the Children Above Average: Ethical and Regulatory Concerns for Pediatricians in Pediatric Enhancement Research, Jessica W. Berg, Maxwell J. Mehlman, Daniel B. Rubin, and Eric Kodish


Preparing for Disaster: Protecting the Most Vulnerable in Emergencies, Sharona Hoffman

Law, Liability, and Public Health Emergencies, Sharona Hoffman, Richard Goodman, and Daniel Stien


E-Health Hazards: Provider Liability and Electronic Health Record Systems, Sharona Hoffman and Andy Podgurski

Electronic Health Information Security and Privacy, Sharona Hoffman and Andy Podgurski


Finding a Cure: The Case for Regulation and Oversight of Electronic Health Record Systems, Sharona Hoffman and Andy Podgurski

Why Electronic Health Record Systems Require Safety Regulation, Sharona Hoffman and Andy Podgurski

A New Era of Biomedical Enhancements, Maxwell J. Mehlman

Genetic Enhancement in Sport: Ethical, Legal, and Policy Concerns, Maxwell J. Mehlman


Introduction to Proceedings from a Conference on Newborn Screening for Nontreatable Disorders, Maxwell J. Mehlman

Symposium on Health Care Technology: Regulation and Reimbursement, Maxwell J. Mehlman

The Price of Perfection: Individualism and Society in the Era of Biomedical Enhancement, Maxwell J. Mehlman

Will Directed Evolution Destroy Humanity, and If So, What Can We Do About It?, Maxwell J. Mehlman

Submissions from 2008

Assessing Competencies for Public Health Emergency Legal Preparedness, Sharona Hoffman

Healthcare in the United States: a Matter of Right or Privilege?, Sharona Hoffman


Settling the Matter: Does Title I of the ADA Work?, Sharona Hoffman

Title I of the ADA: What We Know and Don’t Know About Its Impact in the Workplace, Sharona Hoffman

The Ethical, Legal, and Social Implications of Antiaging Technologies, Maxwell J. Mehlman

Human Subjects Protections in Biomedical Enhancement Research: Assessing Risk and Benefit and Obtaining Informed Consent, Maxwell J. Mehlman and Jessica W. Berg

From the Mayflower to the Border Patrols: Who Deserves Access to Health Care in the United States?, Ruqaiijah Yearby

Submissions from 2007

Of Elephants and Embryos: A Proposed Framework for Legal Personhood, Jessica Wilen Berg

Addressing Privacy Concerns Through the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Privacy Rule, Sharona Hoffman

Health Insecurity: The Vulnerability of Electronic Personal Health Information, Sharona Hoffman and Andy Podgurski


In Sickness, Health and Cyberspace: Protecting the Security of Electronic Private Health Information, Sharona Hoffman and Andy Podgurski

Securing the HIPAA Security Rule, Sharona Hoffman and Andy Podgurski

Behavioral Genetics: Can We Prevent Crimes Before They Are Committed?, Maxwell J. Mehlman


"Medicover": A Proposal for National Health Insurance, Maxwell J. Mehlman

Medical Injustice: The Case Against 'Health Courts', Maxwell J. Mehlman and Dale A. Nance

Striving for Equality, But Settling for the Status Quo in Health Care: Is Title VI More Illusory Than Real?, Ruqaiijah Yearby

Submissions from 2006

Genetics: Ethics , Law, and Policy, Lori B. Anderews, Maxwell J. Mehlman, and Mark A. Rothstein

A Qualified Defense of Legal Disclosure Requirements, Jessica Wilen Berg


Constructing Competence: Formulating Standards of Legal Competence to Make Medical Decisions, Jessica Wilen Berg


Ethics and E-Medicine, Jessica Wilen Berg

Smokescreen, Jessica Wilen Berg

Strange Bedfellows: Reflections on Bioethics’ Role in Disaster Response Planning, Jessica Wilen Berg


Understanding Waiver, Jessica Wilen Berg


Preplacement Examinations and Job-Relatedness: How to Enhance Privacy and Diminish Discrimination in the Workplace, Sharona Hoffman


Racially-Tailored’ Medicine Unraveled, Sharona Hoffman


Responders’ Responsibility: Liability and Immunity in Public Health Emergencies, Sharona Hoffman

Unmanaged Care: Should There be a Right to Health Care in the United States?, Sharona Hoffman

Protecting Communities in Biomedical Research, Patricia A. Marshall and Jessica Wilen Berg