Shaziah Singh


"Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have revolutionized our social lives and dominate the way we communicate with each other. Whether it comes to personal or professional use, social media platforms come with a multitude of complications. What to post, whom to “friend,” whom to share information with, and what job updates to share are just some of the problems social media users face daily. These complications are only multiplied for judges. A judge’s unique position to influence makes what constitutes acceptable social media usage much more complex. With almost 1.5 billion users on Facebook and 300 million users on LinkedIn, the chances of what you post on social media being seen are extremely high. This is something that judges must keep in mind. Social media usage has blurred the lines of acceptable judicial conduct on the Internet. While the American Bar Association and certain jurisdictions have provided some advisory opinions on what constitutes acceptable judicial conduct on social media platforms, the opinions are not uniform and provide little advice. This note addresses this problem and provides guidance for judges on what should constitute acceptable social media usage."