TFP Panel


"According to a recent UN report, the war in Yemen has become the worst humanitarian crisis on the planet. Welcome to Talking Foreign Policy. I’m your host Michael Scharf, [co-]Dean of Case Western Reserve University School of Law. In this broadcast our expert panelists will be discussing the history of the Yemen conflict, the challenges to resolving it, and the prospects for achieving accountability for the war crimes that have been committed there. Joining us for the second segment today, as soon as his cab arrives, is Dr. Paul Williams,3 the President of the Public International Law and Policy Group, a Nobel Peace Prize nominated NGO that has provided legal counsel to a dozen peace negotiations over the past 22 years, including in Yemen. We’re also joined and they’re already here by Professor Milena Sterio,4 the Associate Dean of Cleveland State’s Marshall College of Law and a renowned international law expert. Milena just returned from a meeting in Jordan with Yemeni prosecutors and judges, to discuss accountability options for Yemen. It’s good to have you back on the show."