Submissions from 2014


Presumed Imminence: Judicial Risk Assessment in the Post-9/11 World, Avidan Y. Cover

A Tale of Two Studies: the Real Story of Terrorism Finance, Richard K. Gordon

Moving Money: International Financial Flows, Taxes, & Money Laundering, Richard K. Gordon and Andrew P. Morriss


Accelerated Formation of Customary International Law, Michael P. Scharf

Submissions from 2013

Paths to Carbon Stabilization: How Foreign Carbon-Restricting Reforms Will Affect US Industry, Climate Policy and the Prospects of a Binding Emission Reduction Treaty, Juscelino F. Colares


The Dynamics and Global Implications of Subglobal Carbon-Restricting Regimes, Juscelino F. Colares


China’s Human Rights Footprint in Africa, Timothy Webster

Submissions from 2012

The Reality of EU-Conformity Review in France, Juscelino F. Colares


Supervisory Responsibility for the Office of Legal Counsel, Avidan Y. Cover


Terrorism Financing Indicators for Financial Institutions in the United States, Richard K. Gordon

Universal Jurisdiction and the Crime of Aggression, Michael P. Scharf

The International Court of Justice's Treatment of Circumstantial Evidence and Adverse Inferences, Michael P. Scharf and Marqaux Day

Forward: Presidential Power and Foreign Affairs, Michael P. Scharf and Brittany E. Pizor

Katyn: Justice Delayed or Justice Denied? Report of the Cleveland Experts' Meeting, Michael P. Scharf and Maria Szonert-Binienda

Submissions from 2011


The Limits of WTO Adjudication: Is Compliance the Problem?, Juscelino F. Colares


Losing the War Against Dirty Money: Rethinking Global Standards on Preventing Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing, Richard K. Gordon

Introductory Note to the Decision of the Appeals Chamber of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon on the Definition of Terrorism and Modes of Participation, Michael P. Scharf

Submissions from 2010

Global Imbalances and Liquidity-Induced Bubbles: Reflections on the Great Recession and the Need for International Monetary Reform, Juscelino F. Colares


On the Use and Abuse of Standards for Law: Global Governance and Offshore Financial Centers, Richard K. Gordon


A Tribute to Henry T. King, Michael P. Scharf

International Criminal Law Year in Review: 2008-2009, Michael P. Scharf


Keynote Address: The T-Team, Michael P. Scharf


Seizing the Grotian Moment: Accelerated Formation of Customary International Law During Times of Fundamental Change, Michael P. Scharf


The Torture Lawyers, Michael P. Scharf

Foreword: Lawfare!, Michael P. Scharf and Shannon Pagano

Submissions from 2009


A Theory of WTO Adjudication: From Empirical Analysis to Biased Rule Development, Juscelino F. Colares

Foreword: Combating Terrorist Financing, Richard K. Gordon and Christyn Rossman


International Law and the Torture Memos, Michael P. Scharf


International Law in Crisis: A Qualitative Empirical Contribution to the Compliance Debate, Michael P. Scharf

Introductory Note to the International Criminal Court’s Arrest Warrant for Omar Al Bashir, Michael P. Scharf

No Way Out: The Question of Unilateral Withdrawals of Referrals to the ICC and other Human Rights Courts, Michael P. Scharf and Patrick Dowd

Forward: Security Detention, Michael P. Scharf and Gwen Gillespie

Forward: After Guantanamo, Michael P. Scharf and Sonia Vohra

Submissions from 2008

An Introduction: The Politics of International Law, Andrea K. Bjorklund, Marinn Carlson, and Michael P. Scharf


A Brief History of Brazilian Biofuels Legislation, Juscelino F. Colares

A Comparison of U.S. Judicial and NAFTA Panel Review of Trade Remedy Cases, Juscelino F. Colares


Alternative Methods of Appellate Review in Trade Remedy Cases: Examining Results of U.S. Judicial and NAFTA Binational Review of U.S. Agency Decisions from 1989 to 2005, Juscelino F. Colares


An Empirical Examination of product and Litigant-Specific Theories for the Divergence between NAFTA Chapter 19 and U.S. Judicial Review, Juscelino F. Colares


Tryst or Terrorists? Financial Institutions and the Search for Bad Guys, Richard K. Gordon


Tainted Provenance: When, if Ever, Should Torture Evidence Be Admissible, Michael P. Scharf


Forward: To Prevent and to Punish: An International Conference in Commemoration of the Sixtieth Anniversary of the Genocide Convention, Michael P. Scharf and Brianne M. Draffin

Submissions from 2007


NAFTA's Double Standard of Review, Juscelino F. Colares


Introduction: Capitalizing on the Success of Entrepreneurship: IPOS, Private Sales, Tax Aspects, Residual Interest of Entrepreneurs after Sales of IPOS, Richard K. Gordon


Chaos in the Courtroom, Controlling Disruptive Defendants and Contumacious Counsel in War Crimes Trials, Michael P. Scharf


Forward: Lessons from the Saddam Trial, Michael P. Scharf

Saddam Hussein on Trial: What Went Awry?, Michael P. Scharf

On Terrorism and Whistleblowing, Michael P. Scharf and Colin T. McLaughlin

Submissions from 2006


The Evolving Domestic and International Law Against Foreign Corruption: Some New and Old Ethical Dilemmas Facing the International Lawyer, Juscelino F. Colares


From the eXile Files: An Essay on Trading Justice for Peace, Michael P. Scharf

Self-Representation versus Assignment of Defense Counsel before International Criminal Tribunals, Michael P. Scharf

The Elephant in the Room: Torture and the War on Terror, Michael P. Scharf and Rory T. Hood

Submissions from 2005

The Perils of Permitting Self-Representation in International War Crimes Trials, Michael P. Scharf


Will Saddam Hussein Get a Fair Trial?, Michael P. Scharf

Errors and Missteps: Key Lessons the Iraqi Special Tribunal Can learn from the ICTY, ICTR, and SCSL, Michael P. Scharf and Ahran Kang

Do Former Leaders Have an International Right to Act as Their Own Lawyer in War Crimes Trials?, Michael P. Scharf and Christopher Rassi

Submissions from 2004


Defining Terrorism as the Peacetime Equivalent of War Crimes: Problems and Prospects, Michael P. Scharf

Forward Symposium: Nation-Building: Lessons form the Past and the Challenges Ahead, Michael P. Scharf

Is it International Enough: The Iraqi Special Tribunal in Light of the Goals of International Justice, Michael P. Scharf

Trading Justice for Efficiency: Plea Bargaining Before International Tribunals, Michael P. Scharf

Forward: Terrorism on Trial, Michael P. Scharf and Amy E. Miller

Submissions from 2003

Formal Legal Theory and the Surrender of political Control over Monetary policy: What can Ulysses' Journey to Ithaca Teach Argentina about Appropriate Legal Form, Juscelino F. Colares

Earned Sovereignty: Juridical Underpinnings, Michael P. Scharf


Foreword: The Role of Justice in Building Peace, Michael P. Scharf

ICTY at Ten: A Critical Assessment of the Major Rulings of the International Criminal Tribunal over the Past Decade: Foreword, Michael P. Scharf

Is Invasion of Iraq Lawful Under International Law?, Michael P. Scharf


Security and Freedom: Are the Government's Efforts to Deal with Terrorism Volatile of our Freedoms?, Michael P. Scharf

The Legacy of the Milosevic Trial, Michael P. Scharf

The Functions of Justice and Anti-Justice in the Peacebuilding Process, Michael P. Scharf and Paul P. Williams

Resolving Sovereignty-Based Conflicts: The Emerging Approach of Earned Sovereignty, Paul R. Williams, Michael P. Scharf, and James R. Hooper

Submissions from 2002


Is the "Adequacy" Standard a More Political Question that the 'Equality' Standard?: The Effect of Standards-Based Education on Judicial Standards for Education Finance Litigation, Avidan Y. Cover


Note, A Rule Unfit for All Seasons: Monitoring of Attorney-Client Communication Violates Privilege and the Sixth Amendment, Avidan Y. Cover

On Dangerous Ground: Passive Personality Jurisdiction and the Prohibition of Internet Gambling, Michael P. Scharf

Statesman or War Criminal?, Michael P. Scharf

The Case for an International Trial of the al-Qaeda and Taliban Perpetrators of the 9/11 Attacks, Michael P. Scharf

The International Trial of Slobodan Milosevic: Real Justice or Real Politik?, Michael P. Scharf

Submissions from 2001

Application of Treaty-Based Universal Jurisdiction to the Nationals of Non-Party States, Michael P. Scharf

Defining Terrorism as the Peace Time Equivalent of War Crimes: A Case of Too Much Convergence Between International Humanitarian Law and International Criminal Law, Michael P. Scharf

Internationalizing the Study of Law, Michael P. Scharf


The ICC's Jurisdiction Over the Nationals of Non-Party States: A Critique of the U.S. Position, Michael P. Scharf

The United States and the International Criminal Court: A Recommendation for the Bush Administration, Michael P. Scharf

International Institutions, Michael P. Scharf, Edward Beagan, Detra Michelle Chandler, Lawrence K. Demeo, Lizabeth R. Fielding, Joao Godoy, and Phillip O. Figura

Forward Symposium: Universal Jurisdiction: Myths, Realities, and Prospects, Michael P. Scharf and Thomas C. Fisher

Submissions from 2000

International Finance and the New Role of the State, Juscelino F. Colares

Terrorism on Trial: The Lockerbie Criminal Proceedings, Michael P. Scharf

The Tools for Enforcing International Criminal Justice in the New Millennium: Lessons from the Yugoslavia Tribunal, Michael P. Scharf

International Institutions, Michael P. Scharf, John Knox, Michelle Mulvena, Chris Potter, and Tracy Sund

NATO Intervention on Trial: The Legal Case that was Never Made, Michael P. Scharf and Paul Williams

Submissions from 1999


Clear and Present Danger: Enforcing the International Ban on Biological and Chemical Weapons Through Sanctions, Use of Force, and Criminalization, Michael P. Scharf

The Amnesty Exception to the Jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court, Michael P. Scharf

The Politics Behind U.S. Opposition to the International Criminal Court, Michael P. Scharf

Forward Symposium: Competing Competition Lawyers: Do We Need a Global Standard, Michael P. Scharf and Thomas C. Fischer

International Institutions, Michael P. Scharf and Tamara A. Shaw

Submissions from 1998

Forward Symposium: Bridging the Taiwan Strait-Problems and Prospects for China's Reunification or Taiwan's Independence, Michael P. Scharf

The Letter of the Law: The Scope of the International Legal Obligation to Prosecute Human Rights Crimes, Michael P. Scharf

The Prosecutor v. Slavko Dokmanovic: Irregular Rendition and the ICTY, Michael P. Scharf

Trial and Error: An Assessment of the First Judgment of the Yugoslavia War Crimes Tribunal, Michael P. Scharf

Submissions from 1997

A Critique of the Yugoslavia War Crimes Tribunal in Report of the International Law Association on an International Criminal Court, Michael P. Scharf


Getting Serious About An International Criminal Court, Michael P. Scharf


Have We Really Learned the Lessons of Nüremberg?, Michael P. Scharf


Note, Beyond the Rhetoric of Comparative Interest Balancing: An Alternative Approach to Extraterritorial Discovery Conflicts, Michael P. Scharf