I worked with Laura Chisolm primarily in my capacity as Associate Director of the Center for Social Justice, of which she was the founding Director. Yet--as is probably true of many of my colleagues at the law school--I came to know and admire her most as a fellow faculty member, friend, and mentor. I will never forget the many kindnesses from Laura--not least of all the baby gift she sent me after my older daughter was born. It was a beautiful, fuzzy, hand-knit sweater that kept both my older daughter and my younger daughter warm for, literally, years. Where on earth such an accomplished and busy person found time to knit a sweater, I have no idea, but this sort of thing was typical, given Laura's thoughtfulness, her overwhelming kindness, and her capacious talents.


Tribute, Laura Chisolm

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Case Western Reserve Law Review

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62 Case Western Reserve Law Review 637 (2012)


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