This article responds to three recent treatments of precontractual bargaining by Professors Richard Craswell and Avery Katz and Mr. Wouter vils: Richard Craswell, Offer, Acceptance, and Efficient Reliance, 48 STAN. L. REv. 481 (1996); Avery Katz, When Should An Offer Stick? The Economics of Promissory Estoppel in Preliminary Negotiations, 105 YALE L.. 1249 (1996); and Wouter Wils, Who Should Bear the Costs of Failed Negotiations? A Functional Inquiry Into Precontractual Liability, 4 JOURNAL DES EcONOMsMs Er DES ETUDES HUMAINES 93 (1993).


Precontractual Liability

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58 University of Pittsburgh Law Review 325 (1997)

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