On Marriage, Religious Freedom, Equality, and Homosexuality: A Reply to Professor Huhn


George W. Dent


I congratulate the editors of the Akron Law Review and the Constitutional Law Center of the University of Akron School of Law for launching Akron Law Review: Strict Scrutiny. By offering rapid analysis and commentary on current issues, it promises to enhance the quality of discourse on constitutional law. I thank them for allowing me to contribute to this inaugural edition.

I am also grateful to Professor Wilson Huhn for permitting me to respond to his fine article. I hope that our exchange will help to illuminate thinking about the many difficult questions concerning marriage, religious freedom, and homosexuality. I believe that the matters on which we disagree fall generally into two categories – one relating to marriage, the other relating to religious freedom and laws barring discrimination against homosexuality. I address the former in Part I of my Reply, the latter in Part II.


Constitutional Law, Rights, Marriage

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Akron Journal of Constitutional Law and Policy

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1 Akron Journal of Constitutional Law and Policy 19 (2009)

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