The Inferential Arrow: A Comment on Interdisciplinary Conversation


The papers by Tim van Gelder and Chris Reed and Glenn Rowe reflect well both the complexity of the issues involved in trying to create a generic and flexible mapping tool useful for the study of various kinds of inference and the ingenuity that is being devoted to addressing these issues. I am particularly intrigued by the efforts described by Reed and Rowe to use a software tool, Araucaria, to translate among different diagrammatic tools developed by various theorists. As an evidence scholar, I come at this primarily with an interest in understanding the tool's use in analyzing evidence and inference in litigated cases. In other words, I come at it largely as Wigmore would. So, I am particularly interested in how Wigmore's famous chart method translates into other diagrammatic templates.


Evidence, Inferential Arrow

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Law, Probability & Risk

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6 Law, Probability, & Risk 87 (2007)

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