This article is based on a report prepared for the Administrative Conference of the United States in connection with its study of judicial review of actions taken by the U.S. Customs Service. The recommendations herein were adopted in substantially identical form by the Administrative Conference at its September 19, 1977, plenary session. The article examines the present availability and scope if review of administrative decisions of the U.S. Customs Service. The author analyzes the overall operation if the Customs Service, procedures for internal review of Customs ,decisions and for assessment of penalties and other sanctions, and the distribution if jurisdiction to review Customs decisions between the U.S. Customs Court and the U.S. district courts. His conclusion offers extensive recommendations for the reform if the existing system, addressing such matters as jurisdiction, standing, burden of proof, and assessment of penalties.


U.S. Customs Service

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Law and Policy in International Business

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9 Law and Policy in International Business 1101 (1977)

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