Not One Without the Other: The Challenge of Integrating U.S. Environment, Energy, Climate, and Economic Policy


Energy use is intertwined with environmental harms, climate, and economic development. However, the United States has failed to balance these interests together to make effective policy that can address each of these issues. The need for such integrative policy has become more and more obvious over time and with the added challenges of climate change. This essay reviews the historic challenge of integrating these policies, and by reviewing the policy core of prior statutes and policy debates, identifies principles which could guide a legislative body in attempting to integrate these issues successfully. The essay also notes the politicization of these issues and discusses possible paths forward from this gridlock.


integrated policy, energy policy, environmental policy, environment, energy, climate, climate change, climate change policy, economic development, legislation

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44 Environmental Law 1079 (2014)


COinS Victor B. Flatt Faculty Bio