This book helps readers gain an in-depth understanding of electronic health record (EHR) systems, medical big data, and the regulations that govern them. It is useful both as a primer for students and as a resource for knowledgeable professionals. The book analyzes the shortcomings and benefits of EHR systems, explores the law's response to the technology’s adoption, highlights gaps in the current legal framework, and develops detailed recommendations for regulatory, policy, and technological improvements. Electronic Health Records and Medical Big Data addresses not only privacy and security concerns, but also other important challenges, such as those related to data quality and data analysis. The book’s many recommendations aim to improve the technology's safety, security, and efficacy for both clinical and secondary (such as research) uses of medical data.


Electronic Health Records, Big Data, Health Information Technology, Medical Records, Health Data Security, Privacy, Meaningful Use Regulations, Medical Malpractice Liability, Informed Consent, Medical Data Quality, Open Data, HIPAA, Secondary Use of Health Data, Medical Research.

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(Cambridge University Press, December 2016)

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