George W. Dent


A few years ago, I wrote an article entitled The Defense of Traditional Marriage.1 I began with the topic of same-sex marriage but soon saw that all the arguments for gay marriage were also arguments for polygamy, endogamy (or incestuous marriage), etc., so the article became a defense of traditional marriage against all these other types. The pertinent law and jurisprudence are constantly changing, so this conference offers an excellent opportunity to reconsider my views in light of new learning and thinking. A review shows the case for traditional marriage is even stronger now than it was before. As evidence has mounted and the glib arguments for same-sex marriage have drawn closer scrutiny, support for traditional marriage has expanded from its initial base, which was heavily concentrated in religious conservatives, by attracting growing numbers of religious and political moderates and liberals.



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Brigham Young University Journal of Public Law

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18 BYU Journal of Public Law 419 (2004)



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