After a detailed look at the four decision-making models, this Article discusses the aforementioned Ideological Voting Article." This Article then introduces a study of judicial decisions rendered in school desegregation cases in the 1960s and 1970s-a topic suggested in Ideological Voting for further research on judicial decision-making. The school desegregation study conducted for this Article examines Federal Circuit Court decisions starting in 1960 and running through 1973. This Article then discusses differences between outcomes in Ideological Voting and outcomes in the school desegregation decision-making study, in. which each of the four decision-making models are applied.

The conclusion of this Article summarizes the merits of the four decision-making models and the degree to which any of the models proved helpful in explaining what attributes or factors influenced the judges when rendering their decisions in school desegregation cases. Finally, the Article discusses any aspect of this study that may be applicable to today's legal world.


Ideological Voting, School Desecration Cases

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Scholar: St. Mary’s Law Review on Race & Social Justice

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16 Scholar: St. Mary’s Law Review on Race & Social Justice 1 (2013)


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