How Does Same-Sex Marriage Threaten You?


George W. Dent


In Lewis v. Harris, the New Jersey Supreme Court ruled on the legal status of marriage, a matter of immense importance, without ever really discussing why the law does or should care about marriage at all. Accordingly, the decision is unsatisfactory not only for those who believe traditional marriage is special, but also for those who believe that the decision exacerbates inequality and injustice by further entrenching the privileged status of married people over unmarried people. The latter group asks why marriage is relevant to the law at all. On the other side, advocates of legal recognition of same-sex marriage ("SSM") often counter defenders of traditional marriage by asking "how does same-sex marriage threaten you?" This article responds to both questions.


Lewis v. Harris, Marriage

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Rutgers Law Review

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59 Rutgers Law Review 233 (2007)

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