Interpreting U.N. Sanctions: The Rulings and Role of the Yugoslavia Sanctions Committee


Part I of this article provides, for the first time, a systematic analysis of over one hundred key rulings of the UN Yugoslavia Sanctions Committee, grouping them into categories for easy reference.7 It is hoped that this digest of important Sanctions Committee rulings will aid the members of the Sanctions Committee in identifying and following precedent, aid governments in implementing the sanctions, and assist businesses (and their lawyers) in operating under them.' This Article does not, however, purport to be a comprehensive survey of all of the Sanctions Committee's cases, or even all of its important cases. Indeed, one of the main purposes of this piece is to demonstrate the need for such a comprehensive undertaking by the UN Secretariat. Rather, this Article focuses on those Sanctions Committee cases that establish important precedent, significantly expand or contract the reach of the sanctions, or tell us something useful about the nature and operation of the Sanctions Committee. Drawing from this material, Part II of the Article seeks to provide broader insights into the process of UN Security Council resolution implementation and suggests several possible changes to improve the way in which the Sanctions Committee operates.


United Nations' Yugoslavia Sanctions Committee

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Brooklyn Journal of International Law

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19 Brooklyn Journal of International Law 771 (1993)

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